Tawny Owls - Nursery

Our Nursery is open for full day care from 8.00a.m to 6.00pm.

The Nursery cares for children from 18 months until the year before they start school. It is sectioned into several different areas allowing the children to experience many different types of play, in a safe caring environment.


At Little Owls we will aim to:-

  • Encourage children to be confident, independent and develop their self-esteem;
  • Select resources and provide activities, play opportunities and first hand experiences, which allow children to build on their natural curiosity as learners;
  • Develop their language and mathematical thinking, use their imagination and develop social relationships;
  • Teach the children about what is right and wrong;
  • Observe and record what children do and use their observations to plan the children’s play, learning and development;
  • Create opportunities to be active, indoors and out, as well as time to relax;
  • Listen and value what the children say, to talk with them about what they are doing and have high expectations of what they can achieve.

The team in the Nursery understand and use the "Early Years Foundation Stages" to observe, record and plan the children's learning as recommended and audited by OFSTED. On a daily basis, your child's key worker will share with you the details of your child’s activities, enabling you to continue to explore the topic at home.

We also encourage our staff to seek regular feedback from you the parents, as to your child's changing interests so that we can continue to provide stimulating childcare that suits their needs. The children will be provided with three healthy meals a day; brunch at 10:15, delicious lunch and pudding (12:30) and a varied tea time selection at 16:15.

Monday - Forest School
Tuesday - Music 
Wednesday - Dance 
Thursday - Cooking 
Friday - Gardening


We can offer Nursery Education Funding which is available to all children the term after their 3rd Birthday.

We are now registered to assist you to apply for funding for 2 year olds as well. Please contact us to discuss.